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Well, been around since 1976, Taurus man. Married, children..3 of them.Now add one child (four children). Not much of a guy I am actually, but happy with my life nowadays together with my wife and siblings, although there are ups and downs. A fast learner as I want to describe myself, but flunk on my educations, only finished up to secondary. But thanks to ALLAH SWT, I was given a good career, working as a Technical Assistant at the Ministry Of Education. Well, that's all I can say about myself for now. Enjoy..

Friday, July 24, 2009


some of the shots taken for the TIGA's album



PainQler said...

who are they?
A Malaysian or an Indonesian Band?

What Genre are they into?
Any good? Must be?

Btw where do you work actually?
I've seen musician,singers etc..here at your great blog?

Do you own your own studio, or perhaps your own record labels?
If do?
Anychance..working with you in the studio?

P/s:I've always wanting to record a song or two with my band..But no $$$ & time yet..

CT Salmah a.k.a aLai1410 said...

nice pixies.. dmna drg bgmbr ney?

Fly said...

great shot bro..congrate